About us

The virtual Institute of Eco-Industrial Development – IECO – is a project developed by KIT in conjunction with Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Concepción and Universidad de Chile. The mission of IECO is to establish a bi-national multilateral institute for the study, research and innovation in the fields of industrial ecology and circular economy in Germany and Chile. IECO joins a diverse group of researchers and institutes from a wide range of academic fields to foster an interdisciplinary approach in the understanding, development and application of eco-industrial solutions. As a result, IECO contributes to the sustainable development of natural and culturally diverse regions and countries.

History of IECO

In 2015, to synergise the numerous individual and specific collaborations between the KIT and Chilean researchers and institutions, the KIT launched the KIT-Chile Cluster network. In the context of this new internationalisation strategy, the KIT-Chile Cluster elaborated its first major project application to the call of Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany for the construction of research structures in Latin America – “Forschungsstrukturen in Lateinamerika”.

This application was presented with the support of Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Concepción, and Universidad Austral de Chile, all of them with a longstanding history of fruitful collaboration with the KIT and among each other.

The project application was successfully granted in 2017 and with this, the virtual Institute of Eco-Industrial Development (IECO) officially started its activities.