IECO aims to establish a strategic framework and to institutionalize scientific collaboration between its implementing partners. This is achieved by providing logistic, operative and financial support for the application of scientific, which are characterized by having an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional profile. Specifically, the IECO-team to support joint project applications by:

- Matching and connecting researchers with similar research topics and interest
- Supporting the discussion and definition of concepts for joint research projects
- Identifying suitable funding opportunities for the corresponding research concepts
- Identifying possible project partners, e.g. from the industry and strategic institutions, and refining project concepts
- Providing financial and coordination support for the development of workshops between involved researchers in Chile
- Disseminating results and increasing the outreach through its network of strategic friends and collaborators

Other scientific activities, e.g. scientific conferences, summits, etc., can also be a joint action in IECO. These are jointly defined by the different research teams and the IECO-Team at each implementing partner.
Between the establishment of the coordination structure in each of the implementing partner in August 2018 and May 2019, the IECO-teams have jointly supported 10 project applications with an important component of industrial partners.

For further information, please contact us at ieco_at_kit.edu