Eco-Industrial utilization of subsoil resources


This research line investigates low and high enthalpy systems, to the purpose of identifying geothermal applications that improve the efficiency in different industrial processes. In the northern parts of Chile, geothermal energy can be used to enhance the sustainability

of the mining and desalinization processes. In the southern part of the country the efficiency of energy-intensive industries, e.g. forest industrial or agricultural processes, can be increased and heating services can be provided to residential customers in urban and rural locations.

Thematic focus of IECO Topic III in period 2021-2022

Researchers in Topic III

The Topic Spokespersons of Topic III are Prof. Dr. Eva Schill at KIT and Dr. Diego Morata at UCHILE.

Prof. Dr. Eva Schill

Dr. Diego Morata

Dr. Ivy Becker

Dr. Benjamin Busch

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl

Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers

Alexander Monsees

Dr. Fabian Nitschke

Maximiliano Pávez

Valentin Goldberg