Sustainable Material and Energy Transformation of Biomass


This research line focuses on different aspects of biomass utilization and transformation. In particular, Topic II investigates the transition to a bioeconomy through the reorganization of productive and logistic systems in the agroindustry.

Additionally, the generation of biofuels from the waste of the forest industrial process is investigated as a mean to increase economic and environmental efficiency.

Thematic focus of IECO Topic II in period 2021-2022

Researchers in Topic II

The Topic Spokespersons of Topic II are Prof. Dr. Frank Schultmann at KIT and Dr. Alex Berg at UdeC.

Prof. Dr. Frank Schultmann

Dr. Alex Berg

Dr. Alfredo Aguilera

Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun

Dr. Simon Glöser-Chahoud

Dr. Fabian Fassnacht

Dr. Kira Schumacher

Dr. Alejandra Stehr