Governance & Coordination Teams

The Steering Committee of IECO is constituted by Institutional Representatives of each institution and the IECO project manager. The Topic Spokespersons of each Topic and the Institutional Coordinators are welcome to participate. This organizational structure aims to guarantee that academic, scientific and innovation activities are efficiently organized and coordinated, while also ensuring the support of the corresponding institutions. The Steering Committee is led and coordinated by IECO’s project manager, Prof. Dr. Michael Janoschka.

Coordination at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Michael Janoschka

Irma Mantilla

Coordination at Universidad de Chile

Dr. Luis Vargas (coordinator)

Coordination at Universidad Austral de Chile

Dr. Lorenzo Reyes

Andrea Pino

Coordination at Universidad de Concepción

Dr. Alex Berg

Topic Spokespersons

The Topic Spokespersons are responsible for fostering joint research of all partners within IECO, organizing joint teaching activities within IECO, fostering Innovation and Technology Transfer a well as disseminating outcomes to societal stakeholders. They are supported by their Coordination Teams.

Dr. Witold-Roger Poganietz

Dr. Ana Lucia Prieto Santa

Prof. Dr. Frank Schultmann

Dr. Alex Berg

Prof. Dr. Eva Schill

Dr. Diego Morata

Prof. Renzo Vallebuona

Dr. Leonardo Agurto