IECO Days 2021

IECO hosted its annual virtual Scientific and Innovation event on Eco-Industrial Development Topics during 5th and 6th of October with researchers from the IECO Partner Universities as well as with IECO’s strategic partners and supporters. We want to thank to all the presenters, participants and our special guests who joined us at the event!

On October 5th, we hosted our Innovation Day for which we will had two parallel sessions: a session focused on Start-Ups and a session focused on Green Hydrogen. On October 6th, we hosted our Science Day. This day, we shared the most recent news about the activities of IECO in a general session, followed by five parallel sessions in the Topics of IECO. Find out all details about both days in our Program below!

IECO Days 2021 Program

   Target Audience of Session    Activities of the day (videos available! just follow the links) -  Invited guests
05. Oct  Innovation day!
Cl.: 10 to 12h
DE.: 15 to 17h
   All participants of the day.   Inauguration and Welcome for all participants of the day.Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vice-President for Innovation and International Affairs of KIT.
Master and PhD Students, researchers interested in founding.   Parallel session I with focus on Start-Ups:

- Sharing block: Successful start-ups related to Eco-Industrial Development will share their stories of turning a bright idea into a solid business. Join us for their inspirational speeches!

- Learning block (Ideation workshop). The participants will dive into the creative process of generating diverse and creative ideas by means of a case study during the session (the participants are asked to download the latest version of the Mural application before the session).

Moderation by Christin Eckerle (EnTechnon-KIT)

Dr. Patrick Bitterwolf (Catavis), Leonardo Olivares (Austral Technik), Rogers Escalup (CIicla 3D), Gabriel Rojas (MAP Energy)

Workshop by Julia Jochem (EnTechnon-KIT)
Researchers of the IECO Partner universities, supporting partners and scientific partners of IECO as well as external organisations interested in Green Hydrogen Topics.   Parallel session II with focus on “Green Hydrogen Technologies”:

- Key note speech 

- Presentations: Competences/projects of IECO Partner universities related to green hydrogen research and technology.

- Round Table discussion with guests: Market and political developments,  potential for technology transfer between Germany and Chile and specifically between the IECO universities.

Moderation by Dr. Aude Pélisson-Schecker (Innovation Manager for Energy, KIT)

Dr. Erwin Plett (Low Carbon Chile)

Prof. Tabea Arndt (KIT), Prof. Rheinhard Rauch (KIT), Dr. Diego Morata (UCh), Dr. Lorenzo Reyes (UACh), Dr. Alejandro Karelovic (UdeC).

Prof. Thomas Hirth (KIT), Dr. Erwin Plett (Low Carbon Chile), Dr. Francisco Gracia (UCh), Camilo Áviles (Ministerio de Energía, Chile), Dra. Marcela Angulo (UdeC).
06. Oct Science day! 
Cl.: 10 to 12h
DE.: 15 to 17h
  IECO Researchers, further researchers, master and PhD Students from the IECO universities, guests from public and private organisations.
General session with the latest news and information about IECO activities. 

Parallel Topic Sessions: 

T1 – Sustainable Usage of Water and Energy in an Urban Context
T2 – Sustainable Material and Energy Transformation of Biomass
* T3 – Eco-Industrial Utilization of Resources from the Subsurface 
T4 – Urban Eco-Industrial Development in South-America
* T5 – Sustainable Land Use
Private sessions, for Topic Teams only.
Prof. Andreas Braun (KIT, IECO Project Manager)

Researchers from all IECO universities will present their Topic-Related projects.

The event was held in English and was recorded for later publication. Additionally, the shared presentations will be made available soon in this page.

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For further information about the event, please contact the IECO coordinator at KIT, Dr. Gabriela Espinosa (gabriela.espinosa_at_kit.edu)

Presentations of IECO Days 2021

Below you can find the presentations as provided by our speakers and organised by sessions.

01 - Green Hydrogen session, Key note speech

(No presentation available yet, sorry.)

02 - Green hydrogen session, presentations about competences and research projects at the universities

03 - General information session about IECO's activities

04 - Presentations shared during the topic workshops (Topic 1, Topic 2 and Topic 4)

With competences, research projects and research interests from within the Topic teams.