Higher Education

A long term academic objective of IECO is to develop and implement a IECO-Graduate SchoolIGS. The IGS will provide specialized courses on topics associated to eco-industrial development to doctoral students of each of the implementing partners with a strong focus on innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Lectures will be provided both in-situ and through advanced learning methods, such as massive online courses, real-time curses, etc., by all implementing partners. Special lectures and virtual conferences in the form of online seminaries will be developed to foster the active exchange and exposition of new knowledge developed by researchers and their possible applications in the context of industrial ecology. The IGS is currently under design and its full implementation is pending in accordance to the IECO consolidation phase evaluation process.

In addition to the IGS, the IECO-team provides support for the development of cotutelle doctoral programs between the counterparts. In this case, prerequisites for such programs are the existence of financial support, either in the form of funded projects or scholarships, and the scientific support of tutors of the corresponding institution for the development of the scientific content and profile of those programs.

For further information, please contact us at ieco_at_kit.edu.