Urban Circularity and Eco-Industrial transition in South-America


This topic investigates possible circular economy approaches in the frame of urban development. This involves developing process-oriented urban design approaches of space as a metabolism at different scales, interpreting the analysis of urban metabolism and of industrial processes and how their

waste (material and energy) could be understood as resourcefulness and used in urban design processes and vice-versa. The interest is at the neighbourhood scale, as an ambit to articulate regenerative design perspectives with dialogues and interventions.

Within this topic, the role of circular economy approaches related to resources such as space, water, materials and energy (including storage and conversion systems) are investigated at the neighbourhood scale, and also for decentralized housing environment solutions. Additionally, approaches ensuring efficient use of local resources (especially water and energy) and reducing the amount of waste material in the object’s life cycle are also researched. The focus of the work in recent years was set on possible approaches and technologies to re-design neighbourhoods transforming possibilities of industrial residues into new components and construction materials and in the recovery of valuable materials from the urban settings. In general, constructing knowledge on how circular economy and transition factors can spatially regenerate, redesign and restructure urbanized areas, neighbourhoods and buildings (urban mining).

    Thematic focus of IECO Topic IV in period 2021-2022

Researchers in Topic IV

The Topic Spokespersons of Topic IV are Prof. Renzo Vallebuona at KIT and Dr. Leonardo Agurto at UACh.

Prof. Renzo Vallebuona

Dr. Leonardo Agurto

Dr. Lorenzo Reyes

Dr. Alex Berg

Dr. Simon Glöser-Chahoud

Dr. Marion Hitzeroth

Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun

Sabrina Ried

Prof. Dr. Frank Schultmann

Dr. Kira Schumacher

Philipp Staudt

Franka Steiner

Dr. Galo Valdebenito (Coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt

Danny Tröger